About Us
Medicine Bow Furniture is named after
Medicine Bow Peak found in the
Snowy Range Mountains between
Laramie and Saratoga, Wyoming.  It is
also the name of the National Forest
that surrounds Laramie.  We love
what we do, designing and building
high quality furniture that is unique
and will last.  Our builders have
multiple years of experience and
truely enjoy what they do.

At Medicine Bow Furniture we believe
that our customers should have a lot
of different choices.  That is why you
are given different options on each
piece we create, making it just right for
you.  We also enjoy working with our
customers on custom made orders,
putting a rustic twist on their own
unique style.  We make pieces of
furniture that are more conservative,
sanding the logs making the finished
product smooth to the touch.  We also
make burly pieces, not sanding as
much, and hand choosing logs with
excessive amounts of elk chew making
for a more unique rustic look.  
Phone: (307)460.3164
Email: info@medicinebowfurniture.com